House of Gucci: The House of The Best Fashion Moments in Movie History

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“House of Gucci” is a highly anticipated film for two reasons: the gripping story of Patrizia Regianni and Maurizio Gucci (portrayed by Lady Gaga and Adam Driver respectively) and the fashion pieces that live up to the Gucci name.

Apart from the star-studded cast and unforgettable one-liners (we can’t move on from Gaga’s “Father, Son, House of Gucci”), the clothes worn by the actors are to die for. The audience ate at a luxury fashion buffet, which makes sense since the CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzari, reportedly gave the film’s production team the freedom to be creative with the costumes.

From the chunky knitwear to revealing wedding gowns, we listed our favorite fashion moments from the “House of Gucci.”

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Iconic Gucci Skiing Outfits

The first photo of Gaga and Driver as Patrizia and Maurizio started the spark of anticipation for the film. Clad in ‘80s-inspired skiing outfits against the beautiful Italian Alps, the pair give off an air of luxury that no skier can achieve.

Driver looked dashing in his chunky cable knit turtleneck sweater, which has sent his fans into a frenzy. The actor matched a white snowsuit to his knitted sweater and topped off the look with some big retro-framed glasses to match the era’s love for outlandish style.

In some sense, Driver’s minimalist attire reflects Maurizio Gucci’s mindset at that point of his relationship with Patrizia — a love story filled with love and glamor and less worries.

Speaking of glamor, Gaga’s après-ski attire is ICONIC. With a black sweater as the foundation of the outfit, her Patrizia costume was decorated with tons of gold jewelry, which included a ring that speaks of her character’s introduction to the family.

Apart from the gold jewelry, her white chinchilla headband contextualized the luxury only Patrizia, Maurizio and the House of Gucci can understand.

Check Coats on a First Date

Maurizio and Patrizia’s first date is like all first dates: you show the best part of yourself and your wardrobe. But when you’re part of the House of Gucci, your wardrobe isn’t going to be basic.

Gaga’s first date wardrobe deviated from her Gucci staples. Instead, she wore a traditional Burberry check trench coat. It was a cheeky move since there’s nothing better than donning a piece of clothing from a rival clothing brand. That said, she still wore a bit of Gucci by wearing nude sandals, which proved that her character was still a Gucci girl hiding under a Burberry coat.

Purple Layers and a Scarf Make It Better

Gaga’s vintage get-up embodies the luxury and fashion choices Patrizia is known for. Dressed in a purple dress with a hand-painted design, the actress and singer bought new levels of luxury to the stage. On top of this outfit, she wore plenty of Gucci accessories, such as a pebbled black bag with the old Gucci logo and a navy silk scarf draped over her head. To cap off the look, she wore a fur covering.

Adam Driver and the Saga of Turtlenecks

No one comes between a man and his well-fitted turtleneck and blazer ensemble. Case in point: Adam Driver.

The Star Wars actor looked the epitome of suave sophistication (which was expected of any Gucci heir) as he wore a white turtleneck, which was topped with a navy jacket decorated with gold buttons. To emphasize his Gucci golden boy status, Driver wore a rectangular Gucci watch.

A Crisp Shirt with a Clean Shave

In one of the scenes from “House of Gucci,” the production team takes the audience back to basics by letting Driver shine in straight-leg chino pants, a dark green cotton shirt and loafers from Gucci (of course). His outfit worked well with Rome’s capital city since it symbolized Maurizio’s synergy with his home. To cap off his look, Driver wore a Gucci belt and gilded cufflinks.

fancy necklace
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

White Lace in the Summer

Lady Gaga is classy, elegant and lovely in her lace-trimmed summer dress and the matching white cardigan. It spotlighted her and her character’s natural beauty (Patrizia’s striking beauty and dark features were often compared to actress Elizabeth Taylor).

Living up to the Reggiani fashion point, Gaga completes her outfit with a supple-leather clutch and decadent pearl-drop earrings.

The Gucci Wedding We’re Bound to Remember

Throughout “House of Gucci,” both Gucci’s and Reggiani’s outfits are nearly identical to the ones worn by the actual couple during the ‘90s and ‘80s. But their wedding day attires onscreen and off are different. For her original wedding dress, Patrizia wore a less decorated and more conservative high-neck gown while Gaga wore a white less dress with a sweetheart neckline and a high-low hem. On the other hand, Driver was consistent with Gucci’s original wedding attire.

“House of Gucci” is a film one for the books — not just for the plot, but for the incredible fashion showdown. How about you? What’s your favorite look from the film?

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