The Best Style Icons of 2021: People Who Broke Barriers

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Today’s celebrities aren’t just known for their works, from the films they star in to the must-see series they’re part of. They are also walking inspirations in terms of fashion and style.

Thanks to social media, we get closer looks at our favorite celebrities’ preferences when it comes to clothing. Browse through Instagram or TikTok and you’ll see celebrities and their willingness to make a statement via the clothes they wear. Whether it’s taking streetwear up a notch or wearing a daring outfit on the red carpet, there are a handful of stars who know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion.

So from A-list movie stars to Gen Z models, here are some of our favorite celebrity style icons this 2021.


The Graveyard singer is never afraid to take serious risks with her fashion statement. From giving her version of iconic pop music moments to donning a Euphoria-inspired statement piece, Halsey is always having fun with her style. Throughout her career, the singer has surprised the press and her fans with her not-your-average fashion choices.

From skipping pants altogether to using a belt as a skirt, Halsey aims to reflect her personality and musical endeavors in her clothes. One of our favorites is her iconic May 2019 MET Gala two-piece gown, which gave us major Queen of All The Volcanoes vibes.

Being part of the queer community herself, Halsey also revels in gender-bending fashion statements. Remember her macho-gorgeous look in the Nightmare music video? She can rock a pair of trousers and a jacket if she wants to.

Dua Lipa

Singer Dua Lipa is always on fire. Apart from being one of the most popular pop stars in the world, she is also becoming a fashion icon of her own — and it’s a well-deserved achievement.  The pop star rarely shies away from opportunities to flaunt her style, even though it’s borderline a fashion risk.

Dua Lipa is a big fan of sequence, colors and wearing clothes that show skin without being too “trashy.” Like you and me, she’s a big fan of high-waisted mom jeans and cropped cardigans. But unlike you and me, Miss Dua Lipa can also pull off a disco-punk ensemble by combining a crop top and mini skirt that shimmer like a disco ball.

Her Instagram is the Holy Grail of Celebrity Look Books. If you check out her page, you’ll be taken into a world of Y2K fashion looks (which is iconic of her). One of our favorites is her asymmetric, crochet butterfly top.


When it comes to fashion, one of Hollywood’s cool kids is Zendaya. The accomplished actress has proven herself to be a fashionista too, especially with the clothes that she wears.

The Euphoria actress’s outfits never disappoint, off or on the red carpet. Over the past years, she has become a favorite at award shows, consistently making heads turn whenever she arrives. She has reached Rihanna’s level of viral, all thanks to her outfits.

Remember when she wore a breastplate to the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards? Or when she dressed like Joan of Arc during the 2018 Met Gala? Or, most recently, the Balmain leather dress she wore during the premiere of Dune? Yep, we can go on with the times Zendaya made a splash on the red carpet.

Apart from her stunning red carpet looks, Zendaya is also a big fan of vintage pieces and casual ready-to-wear pieces from big brands. She is also relatable, especially when she sports a bucket hat and some sneakers the next day.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Harry Styles

The former member of One Direction is known for a lot of things: his talent, humor and stage presence. He is also known for how he carries his clothes. Whether you remember 2014 Harry Styles wearing Saint Laurent from head-to-toe (the good old days of bandanas, Chelsea boots, slim jeans and tailored wool coats) or the recent Harry, dripped in Gucci, he has lived up to his surname and will continue to do so.

What is Harry Styles’ secret?

The singer’s definition of style is simple: he grounds his wardrobe on basic pieces and has fun with them. From pastel-colored ruffled shirts and flares to double-breasted suits, the singer’s outfits never fail to inspire. Plus, he broke fashion barriers by being the first man to appear alone on the cover of Vogue magazine (in a dress, of course!). Like the other people on this list, Harry is not afraid to try new things when it comes to fashion.

These people are just some of our favorite style icons this year. How about you? Who’s your current celebrity fashion icon?

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