2020 and Beyond: Pandemic Fashion Trends That Will Continue

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Today’s fashion trends mix comfort with effortless style. Current trending fashion pieces are those that are easy-to-wear but still look as if you’ve made an effort to look fashionable. For an essential errand run, daily Zoom meetings or the occasional outdoor dinners, we could all use clothing that makes us feel safe, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Although forecasting fashion trends isn’t always a futile experience (since it always influences the industry), it seems that many retailers and designers are looking at social media, influencers, celebrities, nostalgia, street style and youth culture for inspiration. And this 2021, they got a lot of inspiration.

As 2021 comes to an end and another year is coming upon us, take solace in the fact that fashion trends that originated during 2020 will become prevalent in 2022 and beyond.

It’s All About the Cropped Cardigans

2020 triggered the Year of TikTok. The whole world watched one Tok after another, which meant everyone was exposed to TikTok fashion. One of the most common pieces of clothing often spotted in these videos was the cropped cardigan.

A rule in TikTok cardigans: the sweeter the design, the better. As a result, many people are buying cropped cardigans to look cute at home without having to dress up. Plus, whether you’re wearing a matching cami underneath or choose to button it up on its own, you can still impress people over a Zoom call (without revealing that you’re wearing your favorite PJ bottoms).

This vintage-inspired trend was eventually embraced by high-end brands like LoveShackFancy and Alessandra Rich. Eventually, clothing shops like Forever21 and Zara stocked their take on the cropped cardigan look since more people are shopping for this newer take on the cardigan.

Activewear at Home

Since the pandemic shut down the gyms for a while, many people worked out at home by watching YouTube or attending online fitness classes. During the lockdown, a collection of jogging pants, kaftans and other activewear replaced fancy evening wear. With them came the increase in activewear sales. Brands like Lululemon, Alo Yoga and Athleta can attest to that.

Slippers Over Sneakers and Heels

Since the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, people had to pack up their heels, sneakers and fancy shoes since they had nowhere to go. At the same time, they made the switch to a cozy pair of slippers.

Since then, people have grown attached to their slippers. During the holidays of 2020, many slipper styles sold out due to the high demand. Slippers from brand Uggs have been a must-have item lately with many people raving about these comfortable slippers on Amazon and other online stores.

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Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Loungewear is the New Day Clothing

The “Netflix and Chill” vibe became all too real during the quarantine season since most people had the time to literally watch Netflix and Chill. Since people didn’t go out, they didn’t invest in fancy clothes anymore. Instead, they switched to loungewear that they can wear indoors, as well as outdoors.

Known as the more relaxed cousin of athleisure, loungewear became the hottest clothing commodity of 2020 and 2021. Whether it’s a comfortable pair of joggers or a matching set from Lou and Grey, loungewear became the new stay-at-home uniform for people.

Candy-Colored Sweatpants, Anyone?

Sweatpants dominated the couch clothing scene, but this time, we’re not just talking about the typical gray sweats. People went beyond the conventional sweatpants by buying these pants in colorful candy colors.

Face Masks are Here to Stay

These days, leaving your home without a face mask is no longer an option. Despite the drop in COVID cases and the increase in vaccination rates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend people to wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This rule applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from your basic white or black face masks. Many brands are now releasing their line of face masks, which are available in different styles and colors. For instance, Old Navy’s masks don’t just make your outfit look classic or chic; these masks are also made from soft material and come with a triple-layered construction for more protection.

All Hail the Zoom Tops

Sure, pajamas and loungewear are great if you have nowhere to go, but they’re not always suitable for video meetings with your coworkers and bosses. Think about it: silk PJs or a hoodie do not exactly scream professionalism.

This is where Zoom tops come in. These are shirts and blouses that are appropriate for Zoom meetings. The key to finding the perfect Zoom top is to shop for one that looks polished but guarantees comfort, too. Lately, more women are falling in love with puff sleeves or button-down shirts.

2020 changed the fashion scene yet again and it looks like the next year will follow suit. What’s your favorite pandemic fashion trend?

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