The Kylie Jenner Sheer Dress Look: How You Can Do It, Too

Kylie's sheer dress

Like her or not, Kylie Jenner is a fashion icon. The youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner bunch is a fashion chameleon dedicated to shocking and wowing audiences with her anything-but-normal fashion statements. She can do anything — from looking like a gorgeous purple mermaid at the MET Gala to making a “buck-naked” look work while wearing clothes.

“I’m sorry, did you just say buck naked?” you might ask.

Yep, buck naked. Because we all know Kylie Jenner is a fan of the sheer dress, too. And if you’re a fan of Kylie or a fan of shocking fashion statements (or both), you might wonder how the youngest Kardashian-Jenner member pulls off the sheer look.

Kylie Kardashian’s Love Affair With the Sheer Dress

Just two days after revealing her second pregnancy, Kylie Jenner strutted New York in her sheer dress. The makeup mogul flashed her bump at the New York Fashion Week in a curve-hugging LaQuan sheer lace jumpsuit. The sheer lace outfit wrapped her waist perfectly while putting an emphasis on her baby bump. And if you look clearly at the photos, Kylie Jenner also flashed her thong loud and proud.

But Miss Jenner didn’t stop there. A few weeks later, she shared a cheeky look on Instagram of her thongs peeking above low-rise pants. Kylie Jenner showed off her thong in a sheer dress. Despite the strategic patterns that covered up her “private parts,” the makeup mogul left little to the imagination.

She shared the look on a since-deleted post on Instagram. At first, it seemed like a demure Kylie Jenner post until you swipe and see that her long sheer dress is nearly 100 percent see-through, and her thong screamed “Peek-a-boo, I see you!”

This Kylie Jenner sheer dress outfit included a tiny frame handbag and a pair of ‘90s sunglasses. Miss Jenner also wore her hair in long waves that reached her butt. To cap off her daring outfit, she wore a bracelet on her left bicep.

This body-con, skin-centric outfit came after Jenner appeared in a pair of jeans covered in cargo pockets. Being the fashion chameleon that she is, she switched from an over-the-top outfit to another extreme look (one that flashed her thongs). In the words of her sister, Khloe (as she commented on Kylie’s now-deleted Instagram post): “I am deceased.”

Even before she got pregnant, Kylie Jenner has always loved the sheer dress look. To celebrate Justin Bieber’s album release party, Miss Jenner wore a see-through red cutout velvet catsuit from LaQuan Smith’s 2021 Fall collection. Completing her see-through look were her Louis Vuitton purse, Givenchy pumps, and matching Art School red leather jacket.

How to Dress Up Like Kylie Jenner: Sheer Dress Edition

When it comes to making fashion statements, Kylie is not afraid to go bare but with class. It’s no wonder that many people want to take a page out of the Kylie Jenner sheer dress look book. You might be one of them, but you might also be hesitating — and with good reasons.

First of all, how do you style a sheer dress? Kylie Jenner has an army of stylists who can do the thinking and styling for her. Most of us don’t have that, which means we are more prone to making fashion mistakes, which is risky when you’re wearing a sheer dress.

Second, not everyone’s confident in their skin, which is a dilemma since Kylie Jenner outfits are often curve-hugging and revealing. If you don’t have the K-Jenner body, can you make it work?

Here’s the thing: even if you don’t have Kylie Jenner’s body, you can still rock the sheer dress or jumpsuit. When it comes to rocking Kylie Jenner outfits, all you need is proper styling, creativity and confidence.

How Do You Style a Sheer Dress?

Before you go crazy with sheer dresses, it’s important to answer an important question: “What do you wear under sheer clothing?”

Since you can see right through them, it’s important to wear the right undergarments that will make you feel confident and comfortable. High-waisted briefs are ideal for sheer jumpsuits and dresses since they cover your stomach and bottom area without compromising your sophisticated look. Beige or black high-waisted briefs are your best options, but you can wear any color you prefer.

Also, wear a bra that is the same color as your bottoms. Make sure your bra has the right coverage to go with your high-waisted bottoms. You can’t go wrong with a bandeau, which is great if you’re worried about revealing too much of your chest. You can also wear a bralette or a regular bra.

If you want a more modest look, wear a slip. Go for a back slip for a classy look. You can also wear a neutral or a white-colored slip, depending on the color of your jumpsuit or dress.

model wearing sheer dress
Photo from Pinterest

Now, how do you style a sheer dress?

Here are some styling options to consider:

  1. Overalls + sheer top. Going sheer becomes a less daunting fashion task when you’re wearing something over this transparent piece of clothing. If you want some coverage, wear overalls over your see-through blouse for a tamer approach to the style. By wearing overalls, you can also go braless without fearing a nip slip.
  2. Sporty approach to sheers. If you want to combine the tomboy chic with the girly look, wear a sheer organza dress (complete with ruffles and sleeves, please) over an athletic pair of bike-shorts-and-bra set. Accessorize with sneakers or sporty sandals.
  3. Wear a blazer. Another way to “look naked” without fully exposing yourself is by wearing a blazer. Kylie does it and so do other celebrities who love wearing sheer dresses and jumpsuits. You can wear a see-through mesh top with a lightweight blazer. If you’re nervous about slippage, button up your blazers.
  4. Pair your dress with a tight-patterned dress. Wear a patterned dress that hugs your body right. Go for a dress that is made from material similar to spandex. Next, layer the sheer dress to show off multiple textures.
  5. Sheer layers. Speaking of multiple textures, you can layer your sheer dress with another sheer piece of clothing. Sheer outerwear is perfect for sheer layers. An organza trench can show off your sheer ensemble without weighing you down.

Kylie Jenner is the patron saint of the sheer dress, and you can learn a thing or two from how this Kardashian-Jenner sister rocks her see-through outfits or you can do something different for yourself.

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