The White Tennis Skirt Styling Guide

white tennis skirt

Before, wearing a white tennis skirt gave you “athletic” or “cheerleader” vibes. People would only wear them if they wanted to feel sporty. But your favorite Nike white tennis skirt is more than just athletic. It is more versatile than you think.

The white tennis skirt can look flirty, sporty or preppy, depending on how you style it. It is also a logical transition from leggings and other athleisure clothing staples since most tennis skirts are made from comfortable stretch fabric. You’ll also feel dressy when you wear skirt outfits.

Given that sport-chic styles aren’t going away any time soon, the white tennis skirt outfit is most likely here to stay. So, if you want to feel pretty, chic and athletic, you can’t go wrong with adding a white tennis skirt to your fashion ensemble.

You’re probably wondering how to wear a white tennis skirt or how to style a white tennis skirt. Some people are hesitant to mix and match their outfits with a white tennis skirt thinking that they can’t pull it off or they might make a fashion faux pas.

But the good thing about white tennis skirts is that you can wear them with anything — from chic blazers to sports bras. If you’re confused or need some fashion SOS, here’s a list of what to wear with a white tennis skirt.

How to Style a White Tennis Skirt

The same white tennis skirt won’t look the same if you combine them with different tops, shoes and accessories. But even if you’re wearing the same accessories, you can easily create different styles. All you need is a little creativity and plenty of confidence.

Here are some tennis skirt outfit ideas you can try:

Sweatshirt + White Tennis Skirt

A chunky sweatshirt (particularly in a lighter color) pairs well with a white tennis skirt. By making your upper body look chunky with a sweatshirt, you let your legs look slimmer and longer with the skirt. For the shoes, you can wear white sneakers to look more sporty or white sandals to look more casual.

Cropped Halter Top + Denim Jacket + White Tennis Skirt

You’ll never go wrong with pairing anything with a blue denim jacket. The same principle applies to your white tennis skirt. If you want a casual and refreshing combination, pair your white skirt with a denim jacket and your favorite halter crop top. Complete the look with some white sandals.

Black Cropped Tube Top + Mesh Top + White Tennis Skirt

Since white tennis skirts are high-waisted skirts, you can wear them with a crop top without exposing too much of your skin. Pair a white tennis skirt with a black cropped tube top and top it off with a black mesh top to create a stylish layered look.

Skinny White Long-Sleeved Cropped Shirt + White Tennis Skirt

Looking sexy and innocent rarely go together. But you can achieve both when you wear a skinny-fit white long-sleeved cropped t-shirt with a white skirt. Achieve an all-white look with white-heeled sandals.

Off Shoulder Top + Cardigan + White Tennis Skirt

If you want to rock a chic layered outfit, pair off your favorite off-shoulder top with a white tennis skirt. For your top, it’s best to wear a white and black vertical striped off-shoulder top with a sweater cardigan. Cap off the look with a white tennis skirt and some boots. Add an artistic touch by wearing a black painters’ hat.

Polo Shirt + White Tennis Skirt

Have you always wanted to wear a polo shirt, but it looked “too Mom” or “too mature?” if you want to look mature and formal but stylish, wear a striped polo shirt with a tennis skirt. Pair them with either white sandals or white sneakers. This outfit is perfect for playing golf or tennis.

Ribbon Blouse + White Tennis Skirt

If you want to look like a lovely lady for the day, pair off your white tennis skirt with a ribbon blouse and some white sandals. Finish the look with a painter’s hat for a girly touch.

ladies wearing skirt
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Where Can You Buy Cute White Tennis Skirts?

So, you finally want to jump aboard the white pleated tennis skirt trend but don’t know where to shop? Fortunately, many shops stock quality tennis skirts for women.

If you’re looking for tennis skirts that double as a fashion statement and potential sportswear, consider shopping from the following brands:


When it comes to white tennis skirts, Nike is a superior brand. Their Instagram feeds are full of photos of their quality tennis skirts, which come in white and black. A white Nike tennis skirt is always perfect for a tennis day or when you want to look cute for the camera.

American Apparel

American Apparel is also a supreme brand when it comes to quality white tennis skirts that are perfect for any season. The brand is known for its great blend of casual feel and retro style. Although their designs are often effortless, their skirts are also suitable for combining different styles.

American Apparel designers often turn classic styles into retro fits by introducing new patterns every year. There are many patterns to choose from! So, if you want a white pleated tennis skirt or experiment with plaid products, you’ll always find what you need at American Apparel.

Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for tennis skirts in unique patterns and colors, visit your local Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters sells beautiful tennis skirts that are perfect for summers and days filled with sunshine. If you want to buy another skirt apart from a white tennis skirt, the shop has skirts available in unique designs and colors.

Urban Outfitters’ collection of tennis skirts is suitable for casual outfits.

Your white tennis skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can match with other staples in your wardrobe. Rock any style by joining the white skirt fashion train.

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